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Biofilta are transforming cities into water catchments and food bowls. To address the need for more local food to be produced within our cities and suburbs in a decentralised way, Bio Filta has developed the Foodwall as arobust and modular urban food growing system designed to transform any area into a productive and sustainable food garden.

Bio Filta has projects all over Australia that total over 600 metres of Foodwall, with 38,000 litres of integrated water storage, producing 430 kilograms of produce per month which is over 5 tonnes per year.

Foodwall is an advanced wicking garden with a passive aeration loop, adjustable  water level and wicking tray that removes the need for traditional wicking garden bed components such as scoria, geotextile and a plastic liner.

Foodwall is designed and made in Australia, for the Australian climate. Long lasting materials and UV stabilised plastic means that Foodwall will be productive for many years to come.

Biofilta has demonstrated that the large volume of stored water with Foodwall means edible plants can survive hot and windy conditions throughout summer with minimal watering. By measuring the amount of produce from Foodwall, Biofilta has found there is on average a 20% return on investmentby growing locally and avoiding supermarket grocery bills.