Steering Committee Member

Clarence Slockee

Founder, Yerrabingin

Clarence is from the Bundjalung Nation from north coast NSW and is the Education Officer at the Sydney Botanic Gardens, where his work involves promoting Aboriginal culture and bush tucker.

He is an accomplished musician and dancer with a passion for all forms of traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music and dance. He has had extensive involvement in many contemporary Indigenous dance productions, including Sydney Dreaming (2001 - 2003) and the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony (2003).

He has also travelled extensively overseas with Indigenous dance troupes - to the Czech Republic, Beijing, Paris and the United States.

Growing up in the lush Tweed Valley with a long family history of bushmen, farmers and fishermen, Clarence has combined his love of teaching, culture, music, dance and the bush with his roles at the Sydney Botanic Gardens and on Gardening Australia.

About Yerrabingin

Yerrabingin was founded by Clarence Slockee and Christian Hampson in 2018. The pair envisioned a new way of disrupting Aboriginal disadvantage; by interweaving Indigenous tacit knowledge and collaborative design thinking. They have sought to walk a new path, away from conventional approaches, to create new opportunities for intergenerational capital for future Indigenous generations to thrive.

A vast, growing network

After more than a year of collaboration with Mirvac and multiple community networks, Yerrabingin launched their first project in April 2019: a community, Indigenous rooftop farm in the heart of Eveleigh in Sydney, looking to create more opportunities for their people to use their innate skills for environmentalism, education, entertainment and more.