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Care Farming & Gardening in the UK

Chris Blythe

Director, Social Farms & Gardens

How do we grow well together?

Many people assume that community gardens and city or care farms are just nice places to visit where plants are grown and animals kept. But that is far from the whole picture.

Many of them also offer an amazing array of benefits and opportunities, which can include education programmes, play schemes, healthy living initiatives, work and skills training, social enterprises, volunteer opportunities, environmental schemes, horticultural therapy groups, facilities for people with disabilities…the list goes on and on!

Chris Blythe will share his insights from within Social Farms & Gardens UK which serves:

Between these spaces, members engage and empower thousands of volunteers and attract over three million visitors each year. Their estimated combined annual turnover is in excess of ¬£40 million.

Key Themes


45 minute presentation, 15 minute Q+A