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Case Study: City of Moreland

Sally Beattie

President, Fawkner Food Bowls

Kelly Gillespie

Co-Founder and Farm Manager, Fawkner Food Bowls

Greg Lorenzutti

Farmer, Fawkner Food Bowls

Stuart Muir Wilson

Program Coordinator - Ecological Justice Hub, Jesuit Social Service

Lee Tozzi

Food System Officer, City of Moreland

Creating a sustainable, just and vibrant food system.

It's been four years since the last Urban Agriculture Forum back in 2018 - where the City of Moreland presented their newly published Food Systems Stratgey. In 2021, we revisit Moreland Council to hear what this strategy looked like in practise, what they learnt along the way, the challenges, triumphs, and what the comes next.

Lead by Moreland's Food System Officer, Lee Tozzi, we will hear from the amazing work being done by local food growers, food groups and enterprises across the inner north, with the goal of nurturing a healthy and diverse food culture and making nutritious food socially and economically accessible to all.