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Urban Agriculture & The Climate Emergency

Walter Jehne

Co-Founder, Regenerate Earth

Growing hope in the face of crisis - making the case for urban agriculture.

By 2050 there may be 10 billion of us with 70% living in urban concentrations. All of us will need adequate healthy food and water daily to sustain our social stability.

Urban agriculture can and must play a key role in providing these essentials, including tangible ways for people to address the climate crisis on their own patch, while securing our capacity to meet most of the UN’s Sustainability Development goals this decade. It's a wicked problem indeed.

So how can we help do this in our new post Covid reality? Not just meet our food needs but do so equitably while securing preventative health, resource limits, soil regeneration, resource recycling and local cooling imperatives via grass roots empowerment.

Keynote speaker and internationally recognised climate scientist, soil microbiologist and innovation strategist Walter Jehn will outline our practical capacity to do all this via wicking bag innovations and catalysing community based urban, village agriculture and cycling systems with 10 fold water and resource use efficiencies.

Hear about how these urban agriculture innovations can enable us to regenerate and create sovereign soil to empower and raise social equity and enterprise. With only 7 missed meals separating social stability and chaos, the capacity of urban agriculture and these innovations to avoid such chaos will have increasing existential relevance locally and globally. Let our collective experience and discussions via our forums contribute significantly to securing these outcomes.

Key Themes


45 minute keynote, 15 minute Q+A