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Urban Agriculture Around The Globe: Seoul!

Kim Gwang-deok

Director of Urban Agriculture Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Jin-deok Kim

President, Korean Urban Agriculture Citizens Association

Is it always greener on the other side?

It sure is in Seoul!! Join us for as we journey to Korean and hear from long-time urban agriculture enthusiasts who have been putting in the work.

We are delighted to have Mr. Kim Gwange-deok,  Director of Seoul's Urban Agriculutre Division, who has BIG plans to expand urban farming space from 202ha to 240ha by 2024! This isn't just about food production, the Seoul Govement are cultivating a greener city to create job opportunities, improve well-being and mental health, provide better insulation and reduce emissions.

We also have the pleasure of hearing from Jin-deok Kim, who has been advocating for Civil Rights for 30 years, and Founded Incheon Urban Agriculture Network, the the first national civic organization of urban agriculture in Korea.


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