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Therapeutic Horticulture: Healing in Nature

Dr Jonathan Kingsley

Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion, Swinburne University of Technology

Pauline Marsh

Social Researcher, University of Tasmania

Phil Pettitt

Community Greening Manager, Botanic Gardens Greater Sydney

Holistic nature-based solutions to societal challenges.

Can Nature Based Solution in the form of urban agriculture offer an opportunity to address some of the climatic, social and health challenges facing the continent? This panel thinks so!

Through the lens of therapeautic horticulture, the 'COVID-19 garden sanctuary' will be explored - unpacking its implication and learnings in light of an international COVID-19 gardening survey's finding of gardening attitude and practises during the pandemic. Delve deeper to learn about the non-material elements of gardening, such as safety, comfort, and hope.

Hear from the the researchers taking 3 Australian case studies to show the multiple benefits urban agriculture brings, such as improving wellbeing, people-nature connections, and food security.  So, what next? The research is calling for a 5 step research agenda to move Nature Based Solutions forward across urban-regional-rural gradients, including how to make it actionable in policy and practice.

Key Themes


45 minutes panel discussion, 15 minutes Q+A