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Bridget O'Brien

Educator, Gardener, Game Maker, Garden Juju Collective

Bridget’s work focuses on self-care, community and land-use design. Her diverse experiences include horticulture, fermentation, Permaculture, Yoga & marketing - offering a holistic approach to culture repair. Bridget & Charlie are the creators of 'Adapt' the creative process design game & they travel offering project design & consultation & a range of innovative workshops

Bridget O’Brien weaves beauty and function into her life and work. Bridget, Charlie and team consult, design, project manage, educate & research – weaving together eco-landscaping, social ecology, Permaculture, regenerative agriculture, traditional ecological knowledge and conservation.

Bridget’s studies and work focus on care and design of personal well-being, community building and land-use. A co-founder of Garden Juju Collective, Bridget also shares her passion for impactful loving service through work as an educator and designer with Resilient Spirals LLC.

Bridget travels the world offering design, consultation & a range of workshops. She is the co-creative developer of Adapt, a creative process game.