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Emma Bowen

Consultancy & Marketing, Pocket City Farms

Emma is a founding PCF board member, president, and until recently general manager of the farm. She has a background across small business, small-scale farming, urban sustainability, permaculture and education in slow living skills. She is passionate about the unique role urban farming has in our cities for local food production, reconnection to food, community building and education.

About Pocket City Farms

Pocket City Farms (PCF) is a not-for-profit association established and run by a crew of skilled individuals, who are motivated and passionate about urban farming and sustainability. We are working to bring urban farms to Australia’s unused city spaces.

Pocket City Farms established in 2012 with the aim of establishing a model of urban farming that operates off three main pillars - growing local food, providing education and connecting community. We regard our Camperdown Farm as the first of many - we are working towards establishing or assisting multiple projects throughout Australian major cities. Our long-term vision is to see urban farming as a normal part of our society and urban fabric.

Local sustainable food production close to where the bulk of our population live - and can connect with and learn from - is integral in securing a healthy future for our communities and our planet. Our model of farming is multidimensional – we balance growing local and organic produce with the goal of providing education on food and farming, and providing community connection through place and programs.