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Linda Martin-Chew

Director, Plan-it Rural

Linda has worked as an urban, rural and health planner in Victorian peri-urban councils for thirteen years. Her professional qualifications include an undergraduate degree in Ecology and a Masters’ degree in Community Development.

Underpinning Linda’s expertise and passion for rural planning is her experience farming horses and cattle on a 24- hectare property in central Victoria for over a decade. Linda’s early career also includes nine years in the finance industry and ten years in the financial management of the family owned and run civil engineering consultancy.

Five years ago, Linda teamed up with Annemaree Docking to create the consultancy, Plan-it Rural, allowing Linda to put her experience to work in the rural context that so passionately interests her. Plan-it Rural assists farmers in achieving regulatory approvals to put their ideas into practice. We also advocate strongly for more regulatory and policy support for farmers in the challenging peri-urban context.