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Peta Christensen

Food Systems Projects & Partnerships Leader, Cultivating Community

Peta joined Cultivating Community in 2000 and to this day continues to strengthen community through leading their Food Systems team.

Cultivating Community have been pioneers of Melbourne's urban agriculture community for over 20 years. Established in 1998, Cultivating Community began as a project linking people living in the community of Collingwood through arts and gardening activities.

Through their work in Public Housing Community Gardens, Cultivating Community provides opportunities for low income and migrant communities to access healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food. These gardens are wonderful places of cultural sharing and harmony.

Cultivating Community's Community Food Centres and activities allow people to gather and connect over food, sharing and learning skills, knowledge and our wonderfully diverse cultures. Within their School Food Garden program and After School Cooking classes, they create opportunities for kids to learn how to grow and prepare food, reduce food waste and act sustainably.‚Äč

Cultivating Community coordinates, participates in and advises on projects relating to food security and food waste issues. Working with government bodies, local councils and other community groups, they increase awareness of food insecurity, educate the community on the importance of food waste minimisation and the benefits of composting.

Cultivating Community supports the establishment of community gardens providing advice on design through to governance models.