WaterUps From Down Under

WaterUps® is the sustainable approach to garden watering, bringing 21st century technology to the age old concept of wicking. Wicking uses the science of capillary action to water your garden using a water reservoir located under the soil.

WaterUps® water wicking cells were originally designed with the landscaper in mind. We were looking for an easier way to construct garden “wicking beds”, so that both landscapers and DIY gardeners would be encouraged to use them. Our vision was driven by a desire to encourage the growth of edible plants and improve the quality of our urban green spaces, while at the same time saving water.

Since that time WaterUps® have been used in all manner of growing environments and growers around the country continually report a wide range of small, medium and larger domestic and commercial growing applications that the wicking cells are now being used in to provide a truly sustainable watering solution.

You can use the navigation links below to find out about our company, get information on the history and science of wicking and read about how the WaterUps® product works and how it has brought wicking into the 21st century.