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Water Ups

In way of an introduction, WaterUps® wicking cells are a unique product designed to combat water waste and reduce the maintenance time and water needed for a wide range of growing environments, landscapes and gardens.

Our product, the wicking cell, is Australian owned and manufactured in western Sydney from re-cycled plastic (By Reln who also manufacture the Tumbleweed garden range of garden and food waste management products).

“In a similar way to placing a plant pot in a saucer of water to allow the soil to “soak” up the water to keep it alive – this action, called capillary action, is the basis of water-wicking.“

This short video explains how WaterUps® work.

An Independent report from a Sydney Northern Beaches council recycling facility detailed water savings of up to 80% when compared to above ground irrigation methods.

Most beds can often be left for 4 – 5 weeks without the need to be watered.

We’ve recently sent product to a commercial tomato grower in Austin, Texas– this project diverts 3,500 kg of plastic from landfill and will save an estimated 3.5million litres of water.

At the Urban Farm at the Melbourne Food Hub WaterUps® have helped reclaim contaminated land to assist local farmers to grow and supply fresh fruit and veg for their community grow source eat food program despite the drought conditions and watering restrictions.

Other land reclamation projects include the Macquarie Point Edible Precinct in Hobart.

WaterUps also irrigate the nearby roof top gardens at the Crowne Plaza hotel where growing food and sustainability is a key focus.

Organic waste is dehydrated and composted to fuel the rooftop gardens following a partnership with the Edible Precinct. Onsite native beehives will help pollinate the rooftop gardens.

In South Australia, “TV gardener” Sophie Thomson is using WaterUps® as the irrigation solution for growing spaces to supply a sustainable food source to the community on Kangaroo Island following the horrendous fires that decimated the local growing conditions recently.

North Sydney Council are installed WaterUps® cells to irrigate street scape planters to help gardens survive and reduce the water and maintenance needs to help “green” a major traffic route and many other councils also use WaterUps® to assist with the need to recue water consumption and get best value from this precious resource.

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