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Sustain: The Australian Food Network

Sustain was formed in 2015. It is based in Melbourne, Australia, and currently hosted by the William Angliss Institute. The organization emerged out of the Food Alliance., which itself was founded in 2009. It was under the Food Alliance that the Circles of Food methodology was developed, as were the terms of the Urban and Regional Food Declaration. These developments are now centre-pieces of Sustain’s work.


Sustain was established for the public purpose of promoting health and wellbeing through a broader food-systems approach. The objects of this activity include the following:


Sustain works together with governments, the community-health sector, research institutions and other key food-system stakeholders across the public, private and community sectors to support the development of food systems that are fair, connected, healthy and sustainable.

For more information about Sustain and its structure and goals, please visit the official Sustain website.


Sustain is currently funded by a grant from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. It also generates a small but growing portion of its own revenue through memberships, events, and consultancies.

We also welcome donations - our charity status makes all donations 100% tax deductable. Donate to Sustain: The Australian Food Network today.

Become a member

Sustain is actively seeking membership of institutions and organisations to build the Australian Food Network. Members of this Network will work together towards the building of healthy, sustainable and fair food system that benefit all Australians.

To learn more about the benefits of membership, or to sign up to become a member, please visit the official Sustain website.