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Steering Committee Member

Lauren Flaherty

Social Strategy Advisor, City of Sydney

Lauren Flaherty is a social strategy and social impact professional with a passion for working with others to achieve positive social change. Lauren has been leading the development, advocacy and partnerships for the City of Sydney’s first sustainable food systems policy and action plan with a group of passionate colleagues. This includes local engagement, First Nations-led research, and participating in the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, a global network of cities committed to sustainable and resilient food systems. Lauren is completing postgraduate studies in global sustainability and social impact at the University of NSW.

About City of Sydney

The City of Sydney is working towards a more sustainable, liveable city. We support community and verge gardens, community composting and landcare groups. They have a vision for a socially just and resilient city in A City for All, our social sustainability policy and action plan. The City of Sydney supports urban agriculture projects through their numerous community gardens, footpath gardens, community composting and biodiversity volunteering groups.