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Gardens and food in schools

De Chantal Hillis

Primary School Teacher and Business Owner, Little Raptors

Ben Shaw

Co-Founder, Farm My School

Two sessions on food in schools. Ben Shaw will be sharing his experience with Farm My School. Imagine a school that can feed its community. A farm, built within a school: sharing the story of creating a market garden on a school in the Geelong region linking with school curriculum and engaging students in food growing, preparation and zero waste. De Chantal will be sharing the recent Reservoir East Primary School Poultry Trial. Reservoir East Primary School is in inner urban school with a extremely diverse cultural and socio-economic student population. School leaders James (principal) and Linda (vice principal) have agreed to participate in an urban livestock trial over a two week period. The goal of the trial is to investigate the potential advantages and benefits of incorporating agriculture and livestock on school premises, encompassing educational and welfare outcomes; explore the social, cultural, legal, practical, and educational considerations linked to animal husbandry activities within school environments; and identify obstacles that may hinder the success of initiatives like these.