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Dan Green

Livability Planner, Melbourne Water

Daniel has experience working in the Victorian water industry in both regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. Some of his key responsibilities have included; water resource planning and allocations, strategic land and waterway planning and emergency management.

Daniel has been at the forefront evolving Melbourne Water’s contribution to liveability through the delivery of social outcomes on land and waterways. He has led the delivery of the Our Space Your Place portal, exploring ways that Melbourne Waters vast land holdings can be simultaneously used by the community for programs such as urban agriculture or public art. He is also the architect of internal-change initiatives such as the Liveability Seed Funding Program that incentivise project managers to include social outcomes in addition to the delivery of core services (i.e. water, sewerage and drainage).

Daniel is a key influencer, leading the inclusion and development of social values in strategies such as the Healthy Waterways Strategy and other State and Local Government policies.

Daniel has a Bachelor of Natural Resource Management (Hon) and a Masters of Integrated Water Management from the International Water Centre. His diverse interests span beyond the water industry, also completing a course in Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture through Rio Muchacho Finca Organica in Ecuador.