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Auntie Donia Bon

Donia Bon was born on Waiben in Zeneth Kes (Torres Strait) and is a descendant and proud Meriam and Batjala woman from Mer Isand and Kgari Island (Fraser Island). Following in the footsteps of her grandfather Lui Bon, she studied primary education at UWS and is AMI trained in Montessori Education from Birth to Six. Over the past thirty years, she has extensive years of experience as a Montessori assistant and has been an active member of her community with a strong interest to empower people of disadvantage. Two achievements are having had worked in helping establish the Guwara Campus for First Nation children with St. Andrew Cathedral School and the Montessori Children's Foundation to give greater access of education throughout the Peninsula and Zenith Kes. Currently, Donia Bon is a Tour Guide at Dreamtime Southern X, in Sydney teaching about Torres Strait Islander cultural practices especially food and plants.