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Firdaus Sani

Founder, Orang Laut SG

Firdaus Sani is a fourth-generation Orang Laut/Pulau descendant whose ancestry can be traced to the islanders of Singapore’s Southern islands and the Riau Islands. His maternal grandparents used to live on Pulau Semakau, until 1977 before they had to leave their home for the mainland. While growing up, Firdaus visited Pulau Semakau on many occasions with his grandparents, where he learnt the traditions and the ways of life of the people who had a deep connection with the sea. In 2020, Firdaus started Orang Laut SG, a page dedicated to retelling stories of Pulau Semakau through photographs and personal anecdotes from his family who experienced life on the island. With the help of his mother, Mdm Noorani Bte Rani, Firdaus also shares a tangible aspect of his family’s heritage – its cuisine that reflects life on the island that is no longer accessible today.