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Pablo Valentin Ermini

National Institute for Agriculture Technology

Pablo Ermini is agriculture engineer, graduated in the Agronomy Faculty of the National University of La Pampa, Argentina. Around 1998 started his work in Urban Agriculture as volunteer given training and technical support.

In 2002 initiate his labor in INTA (National Institute for Agriculture Technology) inside PROHUERTA, a program created in 1989 dedicated to resolve the food insecurity in the country.

Also he is involved in projects of INTA related with vegetable production, environmental assessment and characterization of urban and periurban farms. He visited and work like volunteer in projects related to local food, family farming, organic production and urban agriculture in Spain, France, Italy, Wales and Australia.

During 2012 finished his master studies in “Environmental Management of the Urban Development” where he works focus on typology of Urban Agriculturewith the objective of improve the urban policies and better design of agriculture in the city.

During 2020 finished his PhD of “Urban Studies” in the University General Sarmiento of Buenos Aires, Argentina. His thesis is related to how agriculture in the city take forms of resistance and also adapt to dominant power.