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Sophie Lamond

PhD Candidate, Melbourne School of Government, Melbourne Law School

Sophie is a PhD Candidate at the Melbourne School of Government, Melbourne Law School where she researches food politics with a focus on how institutions develop and implement comprehensive food policies that create healthier, more sustainable and equitable food environments. She has a particular interest in how community projects and civil society activism foreground institutional policy responses. She also tutors, and gives the occasional lecture in a number of food politics and policy subjects.

Sophie runs the Fair Food Challenge which is working with Australian Universities to adopt fair food plans and empowering students to play an active role in creating a better food system. With Fair Food Challenge, Sophie has built a portable bicycle kitchen, started a re-use service to cut down on single-use plastic and opened a community grocery store.

In 2016 Sophie completed my masters in sustainable food systems and wrote a thesis exploring the international nutrition politics of Milo. Yes, the milk drink!

Sophie helped to set up the Melbourne chapter of the Youth Food Movement and spent some time as a committee member of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and the Right to Food Coalition. She has a keen interest in connecting eaters to their local and global food environments and making living well, eating ethically and being sustainable an affordable and liveable reality.