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Where there is crisis, there is inevitably change. There is also the huge opportunity for kindness and care.

Whether it be through the climate emergency, or the current COVID-19 pandemic - we see hundreds, if not thousands of people, working with their communities to adapt their way of life and co-create a more equitable system so everybody can benefit. This change couldn’t be better represented than from within the urban agriculture community.

We have seen people mobilise - sharing skills, knowledge and resources so that more people can get involved in the wonderful world of growing fresh, local food.

Here we will point you to some of the best examples from our patch, to yours.

Community Gardens Australia - COVID Update

An update from Community Gardens Australia president Naomi Lacy

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Climate Smart Food: Gardening in a Changing Climate – Part 2

It’s time to look at some of the strategies we can use in our gardens to mitigate and adapt to climate change, ensuring an abundance of food for ourselves and communities into the future.

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Climate Smart Food: Gardening in a Changing Climate – Part 1

If the past few months have shown us anything, it’s how precarious our supply chains are in times of crisis. From food and water shortages in bushfire affected regions over Summer, to scenes of empty supermarket shelves across the country during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it has become glaringly obvious that our current food system is insufficient in meeting our needs in challenging times.

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Urban Agriculture: Making Australian Cities Edible

Australia loves to consider itself a foodie destination, but imagine a city where every inch of public space is covered in something you could actually eat. Urban agriculture expert, Dr Nick Rose, believes our cities are ready to feed themselves. Melissa Howard catches up with him only to discover his ideas aren’t that hard to swallow.

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Urban Agriculture: Growing Resilient & Sustainable Cities to Fight the Heat

Australia has a long and proud tradition of growing food in our cities and towns. As any keen gardener knows, it’s satisfying, healthy and relaxing. What’s more, nothing beats the flavour of your own fruit, veg, eggs, honey and (for the enthusiastic few) goat’s milk.

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